My Friend, Greg Watts – A High Voltage Life

Greg Watts is one of those people who is a friend to everybody. Self-effacing and unassuming, he listens to everyone’s problems, shows up to help out at everyone’s benefit or fundraiser and does his best – often at detriment to himself – to make sure that those he loves are happy. What many people do not know is that sweet Greg, with his corny jokes and compassionate nature, has done things in his life most can only dream of. Through what Greg in his modesty describes as a “fortunate series of lucky chances”, he used to model for Calvin Klein, travel the world as a famous roller skater, do stunt work for Hollywood and star as Cher’s love interest. Oh yeah, and then there’s the work he’s done as a musician and songwriter. I felt like it was high time everyone got to know the man behind the bass. This is the story of my friend, Greg Watts.




Captain Baldi’s Diving Legacy

In last week’s story in the Island Sand Paper on the Purple Heart Theater, Carl spoke about one of the previous owners, Captain Bob Baldi, and how, in the ‘70’s, he made the building at 2915 Estero the new home for his dive shop – the Everglades Skindiving School. Bob taught many native Islanders how to dive in an age when scuba was a relatively new sport, and his story is another important piece of Island history. I caught up with him this week to find out how he came to run the school and what it was like to live on the Beach in a younger era.